Operating Theatre Live is an educational programme that aims to inspire, develop and prepare students for a career as a doctor, healthcare professional or within the sports science fields. We are the world’s only LIVE touring operating theatre and all our programmes are delivered by trained clinicians who have a PGCE, QTS and/or significant school leadership experience. Our award-winning surgical experience is delivered in schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK and Europe and offers the chance for young people to take part in the live dissection of real anatomical specimens. By exploring the principles of anatomy, all our programmes are aimed at stretching and developing students who are on track to achieve high grades at GCSE, BTEC, A level or Advanced Highers. 

Our rigorously academic programmes are built around the new exam specifications and are age/ability specific. Therefore, our school programmes are ideal for enriching your curriculum, raising aspirations and securing subject knowledge. Students navigate their way through the human body and the major landmark structures, dissecting a range or organs including a full thoracic block with the trachea, heart, lungs and diaphragm. Students are also presented with opportunities to familiarise themselves with the structure of the GI Tract before observing a real sample.

To book one of our live dissection events for your school, please contact Josh Jones at or on 01827 902507 and he will gladly talk you through the experience.

At Operating Theatre Live, we run three programmes.

  1. Our Inspire a Doctor Programme is aimed at students aged 12-16 that are pre-GCSE/National 5 Level or studying at GCSE/National 5 level and are still developing basic skills and understanding. The experience covers an introduction to medicine/health as a career through a real surgical experience in our operating theatre. There is a large emphasis on aspiration through inspiration in the Inspire a Doctor Programme.

  2. Our Develop a Doctor Programme is aimed at students aged 14-16 that are currently preparing for GCSE or National 5 exams, with a view to study medicine, or studying A Level / BTEC and are considering careers in healthcare or the sports/biosciences. The experience covers medicine as a career, as well as other roles in healthcare, bioscience and sports exercise through a real surgical experience in our operating theatre.

  3. Our Prepare a Doctor Programme assumes a deep and solid understanding of core concepts and covers advanced human anatomy and pathology. This is recommended for A level and Advanced Higher students who are achieving and considering medicine, dentistry or veterinary science.


As educationalists, the Operating Theatre Live team are proud to be the official sponsors of the SSFA and provide all of the kit for the district teams.

To book one of one of our live dissection events for your school, please contact Josh Jones at or on 01827 902507 and he will gladly talk you through the experience.

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